Collateral damages

Kian, 17 years old, innocent, executed by 3 Police bullets.

Based on an autopsy examined by Dr. Erwin Erfe, Kian sustained three gunshot wounds; the first entry point was at his back. The second entry point was behind the left ear while the third entry point was inside the left ear. Both bullets exited at the right side of the head. The first and second shots were fired while Kian was on the ground, facedown. On the third wound, which was fired inside the left ear, the shooter was on the victim’s left side. It was the same shooter because all wounds came from a 9mm firearm.
According to footage of a surveillance camera three Policemen accompanied the boy, who did not resist his arrest. Two policemen convoyed him at each side and one pulled the trigger of his 9mm gun from behind.
A very common practice for thousands of killings in a country run by a murderer. While the bongs of Big Ben are silenced in London, in the Philippines the Catholic Church decided to rise the sounds of their bells every 15 minutes until killing stops. I am on my bike for same reasons until killing stops!

gerhard tschoepke