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Collateral damages

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 murdered Pinoy

...my ride serves as a last respect to murdered Pinoys. People, who not merely have been disrespected by being ignored and left with a life in the streets of Manila or other Philippine cities, but rather removed from streets with a bullet. They would have deserved being respected as a human being during lifetime at least given a last chance to be heard. But no court hearing took place, just killing as ordered by the President of the Philippines.

Human Rights Watch reported in March that more than 7,000 people had been killed in either police anti-drug operations or in unexplained killings since Duterte took office in June last year.

Now a case against this President has been filed with the prosecutor of the ICC, the International Criminal Court in The Hague. "The Situation of Mass Murder in the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte: The Mass Murderer," is a 77-page court complaint, alleging that Duterte masterminded the killings of suspected drug users and dealers. A milestone towards humanity.

Please, join in by contributing a silent km to a murdered Pinoy whenever you see the sign above.

gerhard tschoepke